Finally, I can drop the third person nonsense. It makes me feel like a tool. Hi! I'm Greg Kashmanian! I'm a half Armenian, 33 year old guy originally from Buffalo, NY. When I was sixteen my family moved from Buffalo to Tampa, Florida where I would finish high school and then attend Florida State University. I'm definitely a guy who enjoys the nerdier things in life, especially Star Wars. When I was a kid I read all the books from the expanded universe and have continued to consume everything Star Wars I can get my hands on. You can see from the pictures, I like to build and collect lightsabers. I also very much enjoy bowling, I was very good in my youth and even shot a 300 game when I was 16. I like sports, especially Buffalo sports teams and I enjoy playing video games, board games, word games, any type of game really. I've been playing guitar for about 17 years and at heart I'm a punk rock kid.